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All products manufactured by Malloch Digital Design are fully supported with extensive customer service. Services available to customers include customer training, technical support, and on-going maintenance of products.

Our People

The success behind our company is largely contributed to the dedicated team at Malloch Digital Design. We believe that our company’s commitment to customer service, quality control and on-going research and development is a guarantee of continued market success in the design and manufacture of advance technology security-related equipment.

Malloch Digital Design currently employs numerous full-time staff and is expanding constantly. These staff members are responsible for office management, accounts, marketing, software and hardware design, research and development and electronic manufacturing.

Current Products

Series 200 Security Alarm Panels
The Series 200 alarm systems manufactured by Malloch Digital Design were designed to meet an ASIO specification for high security applications. The Security Series 200 Alarm Panels offer fully integrated high security alarm monitoring and access control. The Security Series 200 Alarm Panels are fully programmable using a powerful microprocessor to control and monitor all functions. User codes can be added or deleted; sector configurations, time zones, access levels, relay outputs, detector testing, and door control can all be user programmed on-site. An alphanumeric display ensures trouble free system programming with interactive displays and prompts.

Protocol Converter

Malloch Digital Design manufactures a versatile async multidrop line driver. This device converts RS232 to RS485 so that PC output can be transmitted via RS485 port to several points.

SAMEX: Secure Alarm Multiplexed Encrypted eXchange
SAMEX is an encrypted communications device that transmits and receives contact status data from either end of an X.25, leased or dialup line (PSTN) using encrypted communications.
See our Products section for more information and full product listing.